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Who We Are

We are a group of local citizens who started looking into

fracking after we began hearing alarming reports from Pennsylvania about farms and communities being harmed when these operations came into their regions. Most of us saw the film Gasland, which gave us the first real look at how this technique of gas and oil exploration has damaged the health of people, animals, water supplies and economies in other states in the U.S. We felt shocked and afraid. We feared for our homes, for the future well-being of our children and their children. We love this area of Ohio; we love our country, and we know these are hard times for so many.

Our energy system is so dependent upon fossil fuels at this time. Yet, we cannot justify the harm that is created by the method of oil and gas extraction commonly known as “fracking.” Halliburton knew how damaging the technology was. When Dick Cheney was Vice President, he held closed door sessions with vested interests in 2005. Out of those sessions, Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing was exempted from the normal oversight of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water Acts. This is the "Halliburton Loophole" that you may have heard of.

We asked ourselves, “How can we wake up our neighbors to this threat? How can we protect our home?” In our spare time, we created the billboard, the website, and all of the many tasks necessary to produce what you are now reading. This is the shared effort in time, skills and money of many people in the southeastern Ohio region.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Please join us in educating yourself and your neighbors. Spread the word! Let us be able to tell our grandchildren that we helped to prevent a terrible mistake from happening in their world.

We have exciting news! Our new billboard, across from Wayne National Forest headquarters on US-33 between Athens and Nelsonville, is up! If you would like to help cover expenses for this project, please write acfanohio@gmail.com for information on how to donate. And check out our Wayne National Forest page for more information.

Thank you for all you do. 

The Fracking Exposed Team                                                                                    


Website header image and new (2016) billboard by Ariel Martian of fugu gfx design company.