A deadly threat to our home is creeping across America. It is a new technique of gas/oil extraction. It is known by various names, for example:

  • Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing

  • High Volume Hydro-fracturing (HVHF)

  • Deep Shale Hydrofracking

  • Fracking

The oil and gas industry says it isn’t new. The industry says it is safe. The industry is lying. The traditional gas wells that dot our area of Ohio are a completely different technology. The new technique of deep horizontal fracking destroys drinking water supplies, and will continue to do so for possibly hundreds of years, as the well casings inevitably fail and disposal sites inevitably leak.

As we write this, injection wells in Ohio are receiving millions of gallons of toxic waste fluids from fracking operations in nearby states. It is radioactive, cancer-causing, hazardous waste. Pennsylvania and West Virginia have banned the storage of waste from fracking operations in their states. Ohio Governor Kasich has opened the doors to such dumping in our state, turning our state into a toxic waste dump. Ohio injection wells are not rated for hazardous waste storage.

In any area where fracking operations have happened, the local people have been horrified by the catastrophic damage to land, water supplies, air quality, animal and human health. Local economies have been destroyed. Property values have fallen drastically, up to 90%.

It is imperative for each of us to educate ourselves about this disastrous technology. By understanding the magnitude of the threat, we can protect future generations. Thus, we have posed several relevant questions below, followed by links to websites that provide answers. Next, visit the numerous informative websites on the Resources page of this website. You can also start your own research from scratch by putting the phrases “fracking problems” and “fracking protests” into your Web browser. Please educate yourself. Our country will be safe and healthy only if its citizens are aware and paying attention.

First, please watch this excellent short video: The Sky is Pink

1.  What is “fracking”, and how does it differ from traditional gas exploration and drilling?




2.  Has fracking been done safely for decades?

„                http://www.napalmcreek.com/how-safe-is-fracking.php

3.  Have there been cases of serious water and air contamination from fracking operations?

„      http://www.propublica.org/article/new-study-fluids-from-marcellus-shale-likely-seeping-into-pa-drinking-water

„                  http://www.propublica.org/article/feds-link-water-contamination-to-fracking-for-first-time

4.  Do fracking operations create jobs and improve the economy of an area?

               Shale and Wall Street - Manipulation of prices, false claims, and investment scams

„   http://www.napalmcreek.com/resources/Marcellus_CaRDI.pdf

   Economic Impact of Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale - Barth Testimony


5.  What are some examples of the damage that has been caused to roads, bridges and other infrastructure of communities where fracking has happened?

Drilling trucks have caused an estimated $2 billion in damage to Texas roads

6.  U.S. energy independence? Will the natural gas from fracking remain in the U.S. or will it be shipped to China, India and other countries?

            DOE approves LNG (liquid natural gas) exports

            Chinese buying parts of U.S. gas infrastructure

            Five Reasons LNG Exports are a Very Bad Idea

            Groups recommend timeout on American gas exports


            LNG - Look Before You Leap

7.  Why do so many people think fracking must be banned?

            Livestock Falling Ill in Fracking Regions

            Groundbreaking Report Calculates Damage Done by Fracking

List of the Harmed



See the Resources page of this website for excellent websites that have the most up-to-date information on fracking.

Start you own research. Type the following phrases into your browser's search bar:

  • Fracking problems

  • Fracking protests

  • Fracking disasters

  • ...etc.

Watch this short video: Applied Frackonomics

This spoof tells why the restaurant industry needs the same legal loopholes that the Halliburton Act gave the fracking industry!

Applied Frackonomics