Wayne National Forest

Thousands of comments from Ohioans, since 2011, should make it clear to Wayne National Forest officials that our community says,

Fracking our forest is illegal.
Fracking our National Forest is dangerous for the forest.
Fracking our National Forest is dangerous for our community and our economy.
Fracking our National Forest is dangerous for the planet and climate.

Wayne National Forest supervisor Tony Scardina can and must say NO FRACKING, no leasing, No Consent! #keepitintheground!

Please write National Forest Supervisor Tony Scardina at ascardina@fs.fed.us ; or Wayne National Forest 13700 US Rt. 33, Nelsonville OH 45764; or call him at 740-753-0880.

Please object to the Wayne illegally opening up our National Forest to fracking and its vast consumption of water and production of toxic, radioactive waste and significant air pollution; industrialization of our region; likely water pollution; and significant and unnecessary exacerbation of climate change. Consider:

  • Climate change is a crisis with no equal, demanding immediate and decisive action. Recent studies reveal that frack wells leak vast amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas (ghg) 87 times more powerful than CO2. This and the lifecycle CO2 emissions (from trucks, equipment, and burning the fuel) make fracking worse for the climate than coal. The Wayne proposal comes at a time when almost 200 countries, including the U.S., have committed to reducing ghg emissions. The U.S. can meet its commitment only by stopping all new leasing of fossil fuels on public land. We join the national call for an executive order by the President to halt all new leasing of federal mineral rights, such as those underneath Wayne National Forest. And we support legislation introduced into the U.S. Congress to do the same. #keepitintheground, keepitintheground.org.
  • We also demand that the FS withhold consent because, under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Forest Service can take action with significant potential impacts on the Forest and human community surrounding the Forest only if the action is in accord with the Forest’s Plan. Fracking was not evaluated in the most recent Wayne Forest Plan, done in 2006!
  • The Wayne’s inadequate 2012 Supplemental Information Report, undertaken after community opposition got a 2011 lease sale canceled, is not a NEPA-based process.
  • The Forest Service, by law, must undertake a full NEPA-based environmental review of the impacts of fracking on our forest, community, and climate before considering consent. This review must take into account all pertinent new information, including climate impacts of oil and gas extraction, processing, transportation, and burning, and both short- and long-term implications from the action for public health, air, water, forest health, and our local economy.  Site-by-site assessments, as the Wayne is proposing, cannot evaluate these cumulative impacts, which, according to NEPA, must be evaluated in a Forest-wide Environmental Impact Statement (EIS,) due to their significance, scale, and intensity.
  • Doing this research will make it abundantly clear that consenting to lease for fracking will have significant negative impacts on our community’s air, water, and local economies as well as on the climate,  and therefore must be rejected.

Our community has said loudly and clearly, over and over, “We say NO! Do the research. No consent!” 


Help us convince Mr. Scardina that he must listen!


Check out acfan.org for news, additional talking points, and more information.

We have exciting news! Our new billboard, across from Wayne National Forest headquarters on US-33 between Athens and Nelsonville, is up! See the "Who We Are" page for a photo of it. If you would like to help cover expenses for this project, please write acfanohio@gmail.com for information on how to donate.